Racing programs to deliver the powerful effects of 'motosports therapy'

Camaraderie | Competition | Exhilaration | Purpose   
Each fueled by racing, each important elements for veterans to reconnect with after service.  Motorsports carry a strong attraction and have proven to have a profound impact on healing and transition for many veterans.   

The term 'motorsports therapy' has become a popular concept among racing enthusiasts, but its effects can be even more important to veterans longing for the unifying mission that comes from race operations and all of the excitement of competing in true wheel-to-wheel racing.  Beyond just our mission to make adaptive racing more accessible for the para-disabled, there remains a need to serve the population of veterans who continue to live in some dark places.  But the allure of adrenaline filled sports are especially effective in pulling people out from there and Resilience Racing seeks to continue to expand engagement and throughput for this approach.

Whether as a driver, race crew member, or team staff, Resilience Racing brings a powerful combination of purpose, belonging, and excitement to those who need it most. 

Endurance Road Racing 
Resilience Racing currently competes in the Champ Car Endurance Road Racing Series with events that range from 10 hours to 24 hour grueling tests of man and machine.  Endurance racing brings together many of the types of challenges and pressures that military personnel thrive under, and offers the best opportunity to engage the most team personnel in a compact racing weekend.  

Current Team Crew Positions 
We are currently seeking to add volunteer veteran members to fill vital roles that will help the team grow as well as provide an opportunity to showcase their unique talents.   
- Social Media Manager
- Digital Marketing / Creative Manager 

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But this is only the beginning... 
Resilience Racing seeks to build a comprehensive on-track training capability, expand its racing operations into other endurance racing series, increase overall throughput of drivers and crew to be involved, and develop high-performing drivers to go on to compete in advanced or professional ranks.