About Us

Resilience Racing is an all-volunteer led auto racing team comprised of remarkable combat veterans who are united by a common mission to promote and advance adaptive racing programs across multiple forms of motorsports. Racing provides a unique platform for servicemen and women to compete, overcome, win, and share with the world their incredible stories of fortitude and resilience.  

Nearly 18 years of combat have resulted in soaring numbers of those who no longer have the use of their legs, many unable to pursue their racing passions. Cost, technical complexity, and limited access to training are currently barriers to those with disabilities.  

Motorsports has the potential to be a great equalizer for the para-disabled.  Racing-specific controls are currently not within reach of most aspiring drivers, and this innovation will allow the driver to manage the throttle, brake and clutch with optimized ergonomics to truly compete on a level playing field. Resilience Racing seeks to blaze new paths through its racing programs and innovations in accessibility, affordability, and performance.  

To do this, Resilience Racing is actively working with engineers at Team Brit (an adaptive racing team in the UK), MME Motorsports of Slovenia, and Glenn Sidman of SimAbility to further develop and modify components to fit the unique requirements of amateur racing chassis.

Our success on the racetrack will open doors for all aspiring disabled drivers.    

"The integration of unique electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic controls with racing-specific ergonomics is certainly a bold undertaking, but the outcome will represent a leap forward in adaptive technologies that are more accessible."   Kirk Dooley

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